Wysiwash is the preferred cleaning product for The Kennel Decks.

Pet Boarding
Zoo Facilities
Vet Clinics
Dog/Horse Racing Facilities
Animal Shelters
Lab Animal Facilities
Food Animal Housing
Animal Breeders

Benefits of using Wysiwash

-Non-corrosive to equipment or containment
-Safe for direct contact immediately after application (no chemical burns to skin/hooves/pads)
-Kills wide range of pathogens, including those missed by most targeted disinfectants (specifically
parvovirus, giardia, panleukopenia)

-Use on water bowels, dishes, crates, resting benches, etc.
-No rinsing necessary for labor and water savings
-Safe for use to rinse down chlorine-safe detergents
-Wysiwash Jacketed Caplets are more cost effective than all other chemicals and have far greater shelf
life than liquid bleach

-Greatly increases worker safety and business profitability
-Substantial costs savings add to business bottom line
-So simple to use that workers use more often
-Prevents algae and mold buildup

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