Wysiwash: ChlorTastic – High Intensity Cleaner

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ChlorTastic™ is a dry blend of naturally occurring minerals, oxidizers and plant-based surfactant chemistries that combine synergies to form powerful oxidizing and surface releasing and removal action of a wide range of soils including grease, grime, pet dander, oils, proteins, and recalcitrant residues.



  • High Foaming – generates large volumes of stable foam
  • Economical – highly concentrated powder (add your own water)
  • High alkalinity – fat solubilizing, grease and grime removal
  • Chlorinated (contains 8.5% available chlorine)
  • Removal of heavy grease and protein soils
  • Immediately eliminates odors
  • Assists in the control of algae, mildew, and slime
  • Free rinsing – does not leave a residue
  • Exceptional hard water tolerance
  • Environmentally friendly – no phosphates, sulfates, or toxic-builders
  • Formulated for the toughest cleaning jobs
  • Reduces work in manual cleaning jobs due to the high solubilization of fats, sugars, proteins at room temperature


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