Booster Step


Give your dog a secure and comfortable path to high places with our quality multi use Booster Step.

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Booster Step is very durable and works great when attached to the Medium, Large or XLarge Booster Bath. Booster Step also works fantastic with your car door threshold, SUV bumper, couch and bed. Booster Step weighs only 4½ pounds however with its multiple rib system can easily support 150 lbs. The no-slip rubberized step mats insure your dog maintains secure footing. In addition there are four large rubber bumpers located on each corner that insure Booster Step stays in place when your dog enters, or exits.


    • Lightweight and portable (4½ lbs), yet will support up to 150 lbs.
    • Made from ¼3 inch thick UV stabilized virgin polyethylene for long life and durability.
    • Like the Booster Bath, the three Booster Step cushioned no-slip mats are recessed, strong and durable.
    • Booster Step comes with Large rubber bumpers on each corner allowing Step to remain when your dog enters or exits.




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