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Bathing Tubs


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The Add-a-Trap trap catcher saves time, money and worry by providing easy access to clogs and foreign objects. Environmentally friendly! May eliminate the need for harsh drain clearing chemicals.

Our price: $48.95
Booster Bath

With the purchase of a Booster Bath you will enjoy 360° access to your dog while bathing. Eliminate slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle, backaches and messy bathroom cleanups!

Our price: $199.00
Booster Step

Give your dog a secure and comfortable path to high places with our quality multi use Booster Step.

Our price: $99.00
Elite Bathing Tub

Our new walk-through tub features all of the conveniences today’s groomer wants and needs! It will continue to pamper you with all these conveniences for a lifetime

Our price: $2484.50
Floor Grates For Steel Tubs

For easier washing, add a high density polyethylene plastic tub grate. Grates will not rust and provides a raised flooring to keep pets feet out of shampoo suds and water.

Our price: $94.00
In Line Tub

The In-Line Tub is a great option for a space saver.  Line the tubs up in a row for crowded spaces.

Our price: $1420.50
Mini Tub 24" x 32"

This back saving design allows you to work without bending over uncomfortably. Keep small pets in a more manageable position.

Our price: $1640.00
Optional Door For Walk Through Tub System

This solid stainless steel door system is designed for the walk through tub as an option to close off the walk-through opening.

Our price: $69.95
Pet Steps For Tubs

Our solid stainless steel, non-skid steps can be used to transport pets into tubs and onto tables, safely and easily.

Our price: $179.00
Plumbing Kit

Our quality plumbing kit features chrome hardware with a durable, soft flexible hose and water conserving, full spray head. The drain strainer / hair trap has "spin-n-lock" – simply twist the knob on the drain to fill tub or un-twist to allow water to drain.

Our price: $369.00