Walky Lock Car Lock


Car containment device

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The WalkyLock is the ultimate tool for dogs on the move! How many times have you rushed your shopping because you felt guilty about your dog being “caged” in your car. And how many times have you come back to your car just to see it transformed into “his” car, hair all over the place? The WalkyLock will make you forget all of that! Let your pet move freely inside your car’s trunk while you’re away. He won’t get out and nobody will get in. The WalkyLock is the ideal solution when you need to leave your dog inside the car for a short period of time, while you’re shopping or visiting a friend. No more jumping around on you new car’s leather upholstery, no more biting your steering wheel, no more pet hair everywhere — and as much free air to breathe as he likes.


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