Booster Bath – XL Groomer Edition


With the purchase of a Booster Bath you will enjoy 360° access to your dog while bathing. Eliminate slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle, backaches and messy bathroom cleanups!

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The XLarge Groomer’s Deluxe Booster Bath is the most effective, lightweight, and portable professional groomer’s washing station available. The Groomer’s Edition Booster Bath is ergonomically designed and very attractive, unlike expensive clinical stainless steel tubs. The Booster Bath is rated to support 175 lbs however can withstand considerably more weight if necessary. Booster Bath is durable and built to last! Because the Groomer Deluxe Booster Bath is lightweight and portable, you can groom dogs virtually anywhere.

The Groomer Deluxe Booster Bath comes with an elevated pedestal system. These two pedestals add an additional 43 of height and 53 of width when compared to the standard Booster Bath. These dimensions provide additional stability and ease when bathing. Each Pedestal comes with rubber bumpers insuring tub stays stationary on smooth surfaces. Pedestals are made from the same high quality virgin polyethylene as Booster Bath and Ramp. A flexible 1-inch diameter, 10-foot drain hose allows you to wash in one area and discharge water in another, you stay dry. The Booster Bath« also includes a roomy shampoo caddy that holds a large shampoo and conditioner bottle, with extra room for a brush or comb.

Dual fan nozzles and hoses are included; providing the ultimate rinsing system. Dial a gentle flow for eyes and face, and brisk heavy flow for the rest of the body. The fan nozzles are lightweight yet durable and work great for washing dogs because the water comes out in a flat pattern allowing you to sweep away dirt and suds much easier and faster when compared to conventional round nozzle tips. The two high quality dual 5 foot long ½3 diameter hoses are made in the USA. The male and female hose fittings are made from high quality solid brass.

To ensure dogs stay contained inside the Booster Bath a three point leash restraint and collar system is included.

In addition, each fan nozzle comes with a solid brass QUICK CONNECT allowing the fan nozzles to easily spin while under pressure. Being able to spin the fan nozzles under pressure allows you to precisely control fan nozzle water flow direction. We can assure you that this system is second to none in ease and effectiveness. A 202 long water feed line is also included for your convenience and is color matched to complete a clean professional look.

A matching special Booster Ramp is also included in the Groomer Deluxe Booster Bath package. The attached Ramp Pedestal delivers additional stability when dogs enter and exit.

This ramp is reversible and designed to easily flip inside the Booster Bath to gain additional bathing and grooming height advantage for smaller dogs. The reverse side of the Groomer’s Ramp includes a smaller adjustable collar which is attached to our standard quick adjust leash restraint system. This small dog washing station is at a comfortable height of 30 inches from the floor and measures 153 wide by 223 long.

The XL Groomer Deluxe is designed for breed sizes:



  • 503 long, 21½” wide, 33½” at rim of tub when assembled.
  • Leg Foot print 263 x 473.
  • 22 lbs.
  • Saves your back. Saves you bathroom. Saves your time.
  • 360° access for easy bathing and drying
  • Indoor/Outdoor UV Stabilized, designed to leave outdoors
  • Durable, Lightweight & Portable
  • Legs detach for quick and easy storage
  • Removable Collar
  • Elevation & Containment!
  • Dual Fan Nozzle Hose System
  • 202 Water Feed Line
  • Extended 102 Drainage Hose
  • Pedestal Elevation System
  • Elevated Groomer’s Ramp Reversible For Small Dog
  • Stainless steel component
  • Recommended by top veterinarians, breeders, & handlers worldwide


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